Victory For MSU

It's that time of year.. March Madness people! I am not going to claim to be some kind of crazy sports fanatic but I do love me some Spartan basketball (and football). And I REALLY love March Madness. Today kicked off the Big 10 tournament so Bubba and I got all decked out in our green and white and trekked over to East Lansing. I had to pick up some stuff from my dad (who was there for business) but we couldn't blow through town without stopping to see Aunt Megs! 

Most of my sisters' office had headed off to Indy for the Big Ten Tournament, but a handful of ladies were still around watching the game and eating pizza. So we crashed the party. Thankfully we were killing Iowa most of the game, so my VERY distracting little man was welcome and loved by all! I even had him in a special jersey underneath his coat and sweats (aka his "warmups") He was proud to show off his Spartan pride!

Her face wasn't welcome in this picture.. Bubba only!

Sparty butt :) 

He rolled around...


We visited with my dad for a bit, (I was able to run to the bank sans baby!) grabbed our pile of things to bring back home, and Jack napped the whole way! We got back just before daddy and now we (more like John) are making a delicious dinner of tilapia, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Jack is keeping us busy and smiling. And I am loving my new glasses :) I feel a bit like a poser hipster, but you know what, I like it! 

Happy weekend, Sparty on! 


Princess Stephy said...

Haha! Sparty butt - thats cute.

kathy said...


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