Wednesday Randoms

Last night this little family went for a walk! It was really nice. Despite the impression you may get from the looks on my boys' faces in this picture.

We walked downtown, poked around a couple shops, then walked all the way around the dam and beyond! It was a wonderful walk.. the first time around. 

I bought Jack new shoes yesterday, among other things. I really like these new shoes (They are from Old Navy.. my new favorite place to shop for baby clothes - they are reasonably priced and cuter than Carters)

Cute, right?!

Well this darling child of mine likes to kick his shoes OFF. Unfortunately we didn't realize he was missing a shoe until we got back home. I quickly turned right back around, claiming to John that I was going to retrace our steps! I thought that it must have JUST fallen off. WRONG. It was all the way back where we turned around. 

A nice stranger put it on a park bench. Apparently Jack felt I needed a little extra work out. Oh well.

Today I took advantage of Jack's three hour morning nap and made lots of baby food. Including my latest endeavor, sweet potato french fries. 

I used a mandolin to slice the sweet potato.. in hindsight I should have peeled it first but I quickly/easily did it after the fact with a potato peeler
I cut the slices in half and baked them for 25 min at 350 degrees 
They came out firm enough to hold but soft enough that Jack can gum them without choking.

I think it's safe to say that he likes them

It was a gorgeous morning/early afternoon here (now it's cloudy/windy). Once Jack was up from his morning nap we moved all of his toys and a blanket onto our back deck and he played while I FINALLY finished my St. Patrick's Day craft. 

Bubba was pretty perplexed about being outside, but I think he liked it! What he didn't like was the sunscreen. I'm just trying to protect that pretty Irish skin :) 

Here's the ::almost:: finished product. John just needs to drill a hole in the top so that it can hang on the sign/flag post we have in our front yard. I didn't take step-by-step photos because I really just wanted to get this done. The minute I started painting the letters I was reminded of making a paddle during my pledge term for my sorority big sis. I hated that craft and I hated this craft. Basically I bought a plain wooden square/wooden letters/wooden shapes, painted them with acrylic paint, gave everything a coat of polyurethane, and hot glued it all in place. It turned out pretty but I will not be making another project like this (at least not in the near future!)

I'll leave you with a little clip of Da Bubba in his bounceroo.. he loves this thing, probably more than he loves most anything else. He screams (as you can hear) with delight, chews on everything he can get his hands on, smiles, and jumps (the adult version of this thing would sell millions, hello comfy cardio!). I'm also dying over his hilarious hair lately. It's soft and feathery but sticks straight out of his head. John wants to take him for a haircut but I sort of love it and think it has character.. 

Untitled from Kay M. on Vimeo.

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K said...

Trying the sweet potato fries recipe today for my 8-month old. She's been preferring handheld foods and chunkier solids over purees so hopefully she loves these as much as Bubba did! Thanks for the inspiration :)