The Post-Poned "Marriage Rant"

John and I are going on a date tonight! 

After our Chicago weekend we realized we really need to just bite the bullet, get a babysitter, and make date night a bi-monthly occurrence. 

So I did. And we are. Tonight! Drinks & a movie.. I am SO looking forward to it! 

I am going to be honest - I am a little nervous about the stranger babysitter... Jack has not been himself lately, ZERO naps people! He also refuses to stay on his back during diaper changes... I fear the worst for  this poor girl! But I am trying to take deep breaths and prepare everything that I can in advance to make things as easy for her as possible. I am almost certain he is going to fall asleep at 7:30 (like he did last night). Also - is it normal that I feel like my house needs to be in PRISTINE condition for this 21-year-old girl that I have never met before?! Like scrubbing my floors and vacuuming (for the bajillionth time this week)... I think I might be crazy. 

But we NEED this. I'm going to be honest again and let you know that marriage hasn't been a cake-walk these last few weeks. Certain marital cliches have turned out to be a big downer in this house (coughinlawscough). I hate when we fight about things that aren't stupid little things, or worthless to bicker over... and instead get into deep, heart-wrenching arguments about factors in our marriage that will never go away. I knew that when we signed up for this "forever gig" that we would hit some bumps in the road, and it's true - we have! I also know that finding solutions to these obstacles makes us stronger each and every time.
How often in our culture do we take the title of marriage for granted? We think that we fall in love, put a ring on it, throw a big party and then everything is all happiness and rainbows. But in reality, blending two lives together is difficult. It takes work - EVERY DAY! Much like parenting, you just can't take a day off from being married. 

I love my husband more than I ever thought possible to love another human being. This love means loving him despite his faults and imperfections and I know he feels the same for me. We are cognizant of the effort each person is putting forth that it makes the bumps feel a bit smoother. It's good to know that you aren't the only one trying to make things better and stronger and fuller! 
1 month before Jack was born we lost a family friend to a tragic car accident. He left behind a young wife and two babies (a 2 year old and a 4 month old). This DEVASTATING loss hit us all hard.. but especially his family. I have watched his wife try and pick up the pieces for the last 8 or so months and I am constantly astounded by her strength. She writes in a public blog about her day-to-day struggles and even the last few days/hours she shared with Matt before the accident. Her accounts of their quick peck on the cheek and rushed goodbyes the morning he left haunt me. Her story forces me to confront how HARD and EMPTY my life would feel if I were to lose John, if I were faced with the challenge of raising our child without him. Her words remind me EVERY DAY to kiss my husband and tell him that I love him. NO MATTER WHAT. 

I know this got a little deep but I wanted to take a minute to share how much I value my marriage, despite the rough patches. And also to express how much adoration and respect I have for my husband. He is so hardworking and thoughtful. Even though he openly expresses his desire to be an old man that is grumpy and rude, I cannot wait to love him from today until he is bald and mean (God willing!). That 25 year old curmudgeon provides for this family so amazingly, I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for Jack!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and love filled weekend. Kiss your husbands, babies, boyfriends, fiances, dogs, cats WHATEVER. Also pray for this poor sweet little babysitter that Da Bubba goes easy on her and doesn't pee in her face.

Okay fine.. you twisted my arm - ONE Bubba picture before the weekend :) 
He loves his daddy long time.
UPDATE: want to know what's awesome?! Winning a giveaway! Want to know what is even more awesome than that?? A giveaway that gives my blog a CUSTOM signature :) I came across this lovely lady's blog from a Living in Yellow giveaway and I am so happy I did! She is amazingly talented! Check her out! 

P.S. The babysitter was a DOLL!! Apparently Jack was great (Thank God!) and she even texted me updates.. AMAZING!! John and I had so much fun and are definitely going to make this a priority! I'm a happy Mrs. AND a happy Mama... who maybe had a few too many Oberons :) 

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Marci @ a smile a day said...

Have an amazing time on your date tonight, y'all deserve it!! :) I am sure Jack will be very good. Your poor friend, I seriously cannot ever imagine that happening!! What is her blog if you don't mind sharing? You gave a lot of great advice today! Have a wonderful weekend!