I'm Alive & My iPhone is Too!

Yes, we are home (finally) and alive. We had an absolute BLAST and could not have had a better time visiting with friends and turning Chicago into our own personal East Lansing. John and I even made it into (and out of) the city without having a total meltdown GPS fight (Go Team Marriage!) 

I do not yet have pictures and full weekend recaps ready, but at some point this week the Chicago run down will take place. For now what needs to be known is that I drank WAY too many Irish car bombs and definitely took silly face pictures in my cute green outfit.

Bubba seemed to have a wonderful time at Grandma & Papa's and I was sent many picture updates throughout the weekend that made me want to cry into my green beer because they were so cute.

After not passing out going to sleep until 4:30am on Sunday (which is actually 5:30am to John & I) I woke up at 7:30am and freaked out about NEEDING to see my child and poked John until he (grumpily) complied and we got on the road at 9am. I was CONVINCED that Jack didn't know who I was/was scared of my Johnny Cash rasp voice (seriously, I sound like a smoker of 10 packs a day). He also looked 8 years older and I felt as though I had missed his whole life (All very dramatic). 

Today was deemed a pajama day. Despite the gorgeous July-like weather outside, I spent the day snuggling and getting in some extra love with Da Bubbs. 

I also made puff pancakes for Brunch

I used whole wheat flour and almond milk instead of reg. flour & reg. milk. I also added a dash of Vanilla Extract and topped it homemade vanilla peach preserves. YUM.

Bubba is now a lighting fast speedy ninja baby that can army crawl everywhere! I wasn't exactly fully functioning today so when snuggles and play time weren't happening I made the questionable decision to set up his pack'n'play in the living room and load it up with toys. I cannot even begin to discuss the SQUEALS of delight that this scenario created. It's fine, he likes this better than playing with me, I GUESS I can try to not be offended...

Jack also took a GIANT afternoon nap. This is new and AMAZING. He was also sleeping on his stomach (VERY new).. I just don't even know this little boy anymore! Looks like I cannot go on any "Bubba Free" vacations for a while, I miss too much!

I hope everyone's weekends were as wonderful as ours was :)

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