Today is NOT My Favorite

I am so tired right now. It should be 10pm for how tired I am. It's not. IT'S 4:11 IN THE AFTERNOON! 

Today has not been great. I know that these days happen and I am not going to get all down on myself and my parenting because Jack is a baby- he's unpredictable and ever changing. Day's like today are, unfortunately, inevitable. 

It all started 24 hours ago when my angel boy started fussing, and fussing some more. He wouldn't nap. He had to be held, but didn't really want to cuddle. Basically he just wanted me to sit next to him and allow him to touch my face as he went about playing with his toys. Cute right? Except I had a migraine. John came home like Superman, took Jack, made dinner, the works! But Jack wasn't even soothed into Daddy bliss last night. He was crying and drooling and I thought this must be the teething thing bothering him again! He felt feverish so we finally broke down and gave him some baby tylenol. He was only happy when bouncing on John's knee.

This hilariousity was the result:

Untitled from Kay M. on Vimeo.

We were finally able to put him down but that only lasted until about 12:30am. Bubba was WIDE awake. So I just got him out of his crib and brought him into bed with John and I. Homeboy thought this was some sort of slumber party and just kept kicking his legs and screaming "AH DA DA DA". after about 45 min of this nonsense he finally fell asleep. I considered just letting him stay in bed with us, but in order to make that work I either need a bigger bed or a smaller husband.. 

Today is a whole other story. I woke up in a great mood! Life was good. We had big big plans, the weather was supposed to be phenomenal. Bring it on Tuesday! I even got a sweet text from my husband

True story about my toe by the way.. it's purple and painful. 

We had big plans to go to the library to meet up with a mom group but Bubba showed me who was boss right from the start. When we needed to be walking out the door he started screaming (aka nap time). So scrap that plan (argh). I tried to make the best of it. I cleaned a little bit, made some baby food. When Bubba woke up he was KIND OF in a good mood. 

That little half smile isn't convincing me..

He then started getting SUPER fussy. He was NOMMING on anything he could get his hands on. I knew then that it must be his teeth.. Sigh. Where are these damn teeth?! I feel like they are never going to show their faces and are just going to hide and torture my sweet boy FOREVER..

I tried to distract him with teething toys and frozen peas, but his discomfort could not be denied. When it became ABUNDANTLY clear that it was time for an afternoon nap I placed him in his crib and hoped for the best. I got the WORST. He assumed his sleepy positions but SCREAMED. Ugh. 

This is when I talk myself into thinking that I am a TOUGH mom and he can just scream it out. I get the logic behind NOT letting your child scream it out. They cry as a form of communication and if your baby is crying they are trying to tell you something. Well my counter logic to that is, yeah, duh! Jack is crying because he's tired but doesn't want to be. It makes sense to me at least.. This phase of crying it out lasts about a MAX of 10 min before I break down and go get him. It didn't help that someone in the condo behind me came out of their house and started making comments like, "is that woman neglecting her baby?" I wanted to go out there and scream "F*** Y**.. I didn't. It was just HIGHLY frustrating when I am already HATING this situation to begin with.. I didn't need extra commentary. 

After I went and got him he let me snuggle him for 10 min before finally calming and I knew he was TRULY ready for his nap. I tried to sneak out of his room quietly, and 5 min later I found him like this:

It only lasted about 30 min but it was 30 min of peace and quiet that I needed. When he woke up he had a bottle and then let me snuggle him for a few minutes. He stared up at me and the whole day was better.. kind of. I cannot wait for John to get home. I'm hoping we can take a walk and get some dinner downtown - if Bubba allows of course!

To top it all off, we had a storm last night. When I looked out my window this morning I saw this:

YUP! My poor sign...

I guess I should have used something stronger than hot glue (DUH).. I'll be getting wood glue ASAP.

Tomorrow that same mom's group is having ANOTHER event so hopefully it will work out, but since Jack is clearly not feeling like himself I am leaving it up to him. For now, I am LEGIT excited about the fact that The Biggest Loser is on tonight. I graduated high school with one of the contestants (Jeremy). And while we weren't friends or anything, it's still really fun to cheer him on! It's the little things that make your day right? 


Princess Stephy said...

Man that sounds like a tough day! Wishing you a much better tomorrow!!!!!

Stevie Leigh said...

Agreed - it's the little things. Great blog!