The Weekend Recap

I went to see a movie with a couple of ladies that were kind enough to let me crash their mother/daughter night out. We saw The Vow. I was unimpressed. It pretty much gave me anxiety the entire movie.. mainly because if I woke up to the sweetest most gorgeous man EVER telling me he was my husband, I would not be complaining! We went to a 9:30 movie so that we could put our kids to bed before going out. I was thankful I got to get in a few extra snuggles with my sleepy boy before leaving

The downside was that this mama goes to bed at 10pm every night and so I had to drink a cup of coffee before leaving just to stay awake! John and I were a pathetic and hungry couple because I couldn't eat meat (Gotta love Lent Fridays) and John didn't want to eat fish.. so being the oh-so-romantic fatty wife that I am, I stopped at McD's on my way home and woke John up with a feast (it was midnight!) We had a picnic of french fries and McDoubles in bed - TRUE LOVE people.

It was snowy and cold so our plan to visit my potential school went immediately out the window. We took the day slow, we cleaned & tried out a new breakfast spot (At 1:00 in the afternoon). Bubba has been pretty hilarious lately. Check out this face he makes the minute he swallows a bite of food

He also sat in a restaurant high chair like a big boy and loved banging his hands on the table. Have I mentioned how much I am in love his shopping cart/high chair cover (and his cute face)??

He's such a happy man. My parents stopped over with a few friends in between a wedding ceremony and the reception that they were going to in our area. Jack sat on the floor to play with toys and we watched him like he was the most entertaining thing on the face of the planet (Because, well, he is!)

This mama crawled back into bed when Bubba went down for his morning nap and accidentally slept in until 10:50 - WHOOPS! No church for us.. :/ We got moving quick and piled into the car to head to East Lansing. We met family and friends at one of our favorite Sparty bars before the big basketball game! Some actually went to the game, John met up with some buddies, & Meg, Jack, and I watched the oh-so-disappointing game from her place. Bubba distracted us from our misery :(

As always the weekend went by way too fast.. Can we also discuss that since posting about Jack's schedule I feel as though I have completely jinxed things?! The next morning after the post he slept in until 9am (I'm not complaining) and then last night he woke up at 3am WIDE AWAKE wanting a bottle.. he didn't go back down until 4am (I am DEFINITELY complaining) and then he woke up for the day at 6:30am!!! What. The. HELL. I am sorry, but I don't require an enormous amount of sleep, but I do LOVE my 8 hours. I thought that since he woke up at 3 I would AT LEAST get to sleep in until 8am.. right?? SO wrong. Oh well.. 

Happy Monday :)

p.s. I almost forgot about my picture a day challenge: 

March 3 (Your neighborhood) 
Off our back deck.. our ugly little condo complex.. this just proves you can't choose a book by it's cover, otherwise John never would have even THOUGHT about so much as looking at our new place! 

March 4 (Bedside)
Add my phone on its charger and this is what I go to sleep/wake up with each and every day. 


Danielle-Marie said...

That really sucks about The Vow! And you're not the only person I've heard about being disappointed by it. Just wait until your little one is more mobile. I went to take a pic of my bedside today and I was like, "Wow. There's nothing on it." Haha!

Princess Stephy said...

Sounds like a really great weekend! And i'm thinking about moving next year and looking at some condo's online (in another state), i'm a little worried too so ur note was comforting. :)