The Day I Woke Up From a Nap & Thought I Was a Hipster..

You know that moment when you log onto facebook or your phone lights up and you are notified with a notification that that ONE friend (you all know what friend I am talking about! We all have one..) has tagged you in 3418370498527458713894 pictures?? That moment when your stomach drops and you feel scared/nervous/excited all at the same time for what is plastered all over the internet?! Yeah, that happened last night while the hubs and I were watching Footloose (judge if you must but John was happier than a 14 year old girl). I assessed the damage, and it wasn't THAT bad. Basically it just means that it's time to share the weekend with my internet world. 

When we arrived on Friday we immediately headed to an MSU bar to watch the basketball game. I'm a big lame-o and wanted to make sure I had maximum drinking abilities in the morning so I only had 2 drinks - husband on the other hand went a little cray..

my pretty lady frands

Mad EGG addiction.

St. Patrick's Day morning we woke up and began our drinking at the early hour of 9am. I am an awful picture taker when out so pictures did not begin until WELL into the drinking. I'm going to preface this by saying that I didn't really bother with the whole "cute" aspect of this holiday this year. As in I didn't do my hair.. I'm over it.

the first of way too many of these.

husby love

cute and functional accessories..

Then pictures like these started happening and apparently it was time to eat some Subway and take a nap..

You might think that based off of those last few pictures that perhaps it was time to retire? Oh no, false! We napped for a few hours then rallied and headed to the bar again at MIDNIGHT. At this point I have no idea who I am. Perhaps this is why I decided to dress like a hipster (when for real I just needed to change my dirty smelly clothes and my contacts dried out and died in my eyes.. it was an accident I swear!)

Taxicab confusion - "wait, I'm a hipster? How do hipsters act?!"

I'm not angst-y enough to be a hipster! I enjoy Irish step dancing too much!

Then John got his way and we all went to a karaoke bar where he preceded to sing songs like "Mack the Knife " (his go-to) and "Remix to Ignition"


Then this happened..

Our address in college and mad love for Brit

Pure brilliance.

We shut this bar down with an encore drunken MSU fight song. All-in-all the weekend was fantastic and full of wonderful memories (many of which I will actually remember!) I am happy to say that I can still kick it like a college kid even after becoming a wife and mother. 

Now that we have this out of the way we can go back to mom group fails and cute pictures of my baby. Happiness and joy for all, because partying is WAY more exhausting than parenting.

**all pictures of the MSU bar & post nap are courtesy of my shutterbug lover Morgan

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