More Pictures in Sunglasses, Swimming, & a Trip to the Park

Today was another day that did not go as planned, but none the less it was a fantastic day. Bubba woke up at 1:30am last night.. safe to say the teething monster is here to stay for a while and this makes me SEMI more okay with my mom & dad taking him for a couple of nights.. it would be even better if John and I were going on a relaxing spa weekend where we slept a lot instead of having a mini college reunion and drinking our faces off.

I meant to wake up at like 6 or 7 this morning, get Bubba up and going so that he would take his morning nap around 8:30 and then be up and ready to go to the pool at 10. The open swim started at 10:30 and I thought (notice the word THOUGHT) that it lasted for 2 hours. WELLLLL due to the 1:30am wake up 6 or 7am turned into 8am (Whoops..) This threw off the nap plan and to make a long story short (lots of me freaking out about what to bring what to wear blah blah blah) we didn't make it to the pool until 11. 

I had already been emailed by this mom group leader that she wouldn't be there but she told someone else to keep an eye out for me. Well turns out the open swim ended at 11:25. Sweet. I decided to go in and swim for 20 min anyway because I wasn't even sure if Bubba was going to like it and we should at least try it, right?

LOVE. Jack was in love with the WHOLE thing. He loved his swimsuit, he loved the life jacket. He loved staring at all the other kids splashing around. He loved floating on his back and kicking his legs. Every other mom there was paired off with a friend, no one asked if I was there for the "meet up" and I was not about to go around asking (I was already vulnerable enough in the first tankini I have owned since 2000). I tried to look friendly and made a few comments about other people's cute children. But sadly, no, I was not invited into the "Mom Friend Secret Society" today. Sigh. Another day perhaps?

Bubba immediately passed out once his head hit the carseat. I knew he would wake up the minute we got home and I tried to take him out so I opted to just drive around for an hour and a half "exploring". We ended up at a state park that was TO DIE FOR. I'm pretty sure I am making John buy us a season pass effective immediately. There were trails and beaches and lakes galore. Playgrounds and park benches. A nature center. Yes please, sign me up! We enjoyed lunch on a dock surrounded by gorgeous water. 

I then took Jack on a walk which he appreciated much more than the ten layers of sun screen I lathered all over his body. He was rewarded with the swing. I'm pretty sure these swings are made for older children. My almost 7 month old is the size of a 12 month old so I don't care. I put him in it and he loved it. I can prove it with lots of pictures and a video. Yes, the sunglasses are still as cool/cute/hilarious as yesterday. 

The flip flops are pretty cool/cute/hilarious as well.

Lots of fun thunderstorms here tonight. I am avoiding all the laundry/cleaning/packing I need to do for tomorrow.


Megan B.B. said...

I love his sunglasses!

Having worked in aquatics for over 14 years, I wrote a blog post specifically regarding taking your infant swimming. :)
Such an awesome thing!
Check it out: http://thememoirsofmegan.com/2011/08/29/i-know-its-a-long-way-off-but/

Hopefully your next meetup group will be more meet-upy!

Princess Stephy said...

Awww he seems to enjoy the swing so much! I love your honesty in your blog, can't wait to read more.