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On saturday we are taking Bubba to get his pictures taken professionally. This is being funded by my parents who are just DYING to have his pictures done. After searching for the right photographer for a few days, I finally decided on Amy Kimball we are going to her studio on Saturday and I cannot wait :)

We are also going to try and get a few family shots! This was like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" for this Mama..

If you're going to go get your baby's pictures taken..
you're probably going to want to buy him a new outfit
your also going to want a few pictures of your family together..
so you will probably need to buy new outfits for yourself and your husband too!

My wheels have been turning! I was online scoping out the stores for the perfect "coordinated" (NOT matching) looks for our family of three! 

This is what I came up with:

family picture

Remember that trip to Old Navy I mentioned? Yeah, well, Mama went cray! I really love that store - you can be on trend without spending a gazillion dollars! Want to know who didn't love Old Navy? Da Bubba.

Homeboy SCREAMED his little head off the entire time we were in the dressing room. I tried to try things on as quickly as possible but it just was not fast enough. Of course the minute I picked him up out of the stroller he was fine. I found myself getting embarrassed.. making up excuses to tell the dressing room attendant when we emerged. Then I was like, why?! He's a BABY. Babies cry. Babies throw fits for no reason. The poor kid hasn't had a proper nap yet today. So instead I walked out and cracked a joke about free birth control. She laughed and commented that he was cute. All was well in the world! 

I also checked out the new J.C. Penny (now JCP). It was actually pretty great. I'm sure they are putting out their best foot as of now as they are HEAVILY advertising their makeover, but I was impressed!
 I found this shirt for John for $15 opposed to the $65 shirt from J. Crew that I put on my Polyvore board!

I am having a hard time picking what accessories to wear with my dress (I SUCK at accessories) but I have a few things in mind. I also left my jean jacket at my parents house back in October so I have to meet my dad in East Lansing tomorrow to grab it from him, among other things (like my new glasses!!! ahh can't wait).

Can you believe tomorrow is Friday??! I can't!

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