March Photo A Day

Because I was feeling so upset when I posted last I decided to not end my blogging week with a bad attitude & this means posting one more time about the fun "March Photo A Day" activity hosted by Fat Mum Slim that I've decided to do (using my BELOVED Instagram)

Day One: "Up"

I'm obviously a day late to the party, but this picture from yesterday really lifts my spirits "up"! I love how much Bubba loves his Uncle Seany and vise versa! 

Day Two: "Fruit"

How fitting! I just did a post on what Jack eats and these fruits are ones that I ALWAYS keep in my house for Da Bubba! 

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend. We are keeping thing ::positive:: over here and looking forward to exploring my POTENTIAL future school tomorrow afternoon. Our beloved Spartans play for the Big Ten championship on Sunday so you KNOW we will be all fired up for watching the game! 
Go Green!


Princess said...

Hey there, got your site from FatMumSlims photo a day challenge. Cant wait to see what all you have in store! Your little one is adorable!


Kay said...

Thank you! I take about a bajillion pictures a day as it is, so why not have some fun with it?!