6 Month Noms

Just got back from Jack's urologist and John and I are both feeling a little stressed out.. we have some decisions to make and it all sucks and I wish that none of it was necessary :/ The doctor is actually one of John's good friends' dad who recently moved his practice to a small town in Minnesota (but he still comes back to MI every other weekend). So we have to decide if we want to go to MN for the surgery or have one of his past colleagues do it here. It's basically like choosing between having a dr. we trust hands down 100% but then John not being able to be with me for the surgery (my mom would have to come so John didn't take time off of work) OR having a stranger perform the surgery but be able to bring Jack home, have John there, and not have to travel. We have to figure it all out pretty quick and my head is spinning.
"Why are you so stressed Mama?"

Not to mention it is POURING rain, foggy, and really trafficy (yes that's a made-up word) right now so driving home was treacherous. John and I met at the appointment because he was coming straight from work, so I was driving alone, with my head full of thoughts, and trying not to kill Jack and I in the less than ideal driving conditions. Sigh. This has put a huge damper on my afternoon...

Yesterday I had posted all about what Jack is eating lately, but the post got out of control long so I decided to save it for today! Jack loves to eat so let just say we are going to end this post on an upper!

"I like to nom on Daddy's hand!"
Now that Jack is 6 months we are trying to introduce some new foods. Some things that are new since last time I talked about this - Avocados, green beans, and bread.

I no longer puree foods that I can easily mash with a fork (i.e. bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes)
I make his applesauce chunkier
I sometimes cut things like avocado or bananas into teeny tiny pieces for him to chew

He still does not have any teeth but he craves chewing!

Also, since I live in Michigan and the winters are long, any "fresh" produce in our stores is most likely being shipped from far far away and most likely has lost any and all nutritional value since being picked and shipped. So I buy certified organic frozen veggies when I can (like peas or green beans)

Yesterday I made Jack green beans for the first time. I steamed about 2/3 cup of frozen green beans until they were super mushy then pulsed them in a food processor for about a minute.

It didn't look very appealing but Jack loved them so it was a win! (It made about 2 servings)

This is John mocking me for taking 800 pictures

I gave him little pieces of bread to nom on while John and I ate.. he couldn't quite figure out that he needed to spit out the paci first..

We also got the okay from the dr. to start giving him water.. we had already started giving him sips from our water glasses, but other than that I'm in no rush I keep a little water in one of his bottles. I let him play with it, but until he figures out how to hold the bottle himself it won't make a big impact..

TGIF Friends!

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