"Hi Mama, I'm Going to Scream ALL DAY! YAY!" -Bubba

something to keep in mind as you read this post. 

Jack has been having really restless sleep the last couple weeks. He wakes up crying in the middle of the night (easily falls back asleep) and wakes up SCREAMING around 6am for a bottle. Well thanks to the recent development of him being able to hold his own bottle, John just gets up and gives him one in his crib in the morning and it allows me a couple more hours of sleep (Thank God). 

Last night when he woke up crying around 2am I just put him into bed with us. Mistake. He is a BED HOG! Also, homeboy packs A LOT of body heat. I was sweating and falling off of the bed. John must have been hot too because around 4am he put him back in his crib. 

This morning I was all "Yay! It's pool day!" He woke up at 9 (I woke up at 7:30...) and so he had a big bowl of cereal before we got ready to go. We got out the door and about halfway there I realized two things. 1) He was due for a bottle around 10am and I DIDN'T BRING ONE! 2) There was not a spare paper diaper in my diaper bag for after we were done swimming. MAMA FAIL! Then when we got to the pool (It's about 20 min away) it was CLOSED! Yeah, me, I'm NOT winning on this day. 

It was a screamy day (as in fussing, crying, or just screaming for his his own enjoyment) that consisted of ONE 45 minute nap, that he fought TOOTH & NAIL. He usually takes TWO 1-2 hour naps.. WTF?!
 Look at that grumper face! (That's PURE John folks)
 "Mama, I am going to drive you CRAZY today, mwahahaha!"
Ugh, okay, he's still cute :)
 Despite the drama we made it out of the house to the grocery store for weekly staples and ingredients to make S'more Cookies (I blame a tweet from Allie that directed me to this recipe). 
Hip-stah status at the grocery store.. way too cool for smiles.
Somehow I managed to have a PERFECT batch of cookies out of the oven and cooling and dinner underway by the time John walked through the door. We sat down and had a nice family dinner at the table - no TV or phones. Jack was well behaved and gobbled up his sweet potato, carrot, & apple puree (re-organizing my baby food page this weekend!). 

Like I said, I'm exhausted! But my boys are fed, my kitchen is clean, & tomorrow is Friday! I actually bit the bullet and called a non-family babysitter yesterday.. John and I have a date tomorrow night and I cannot wait.. It's time to put some focus back on our marriage- we realize that we neglect this often because of Jack! 

Sorry for the wordy post.. That pretty much just typed itself out word vomit style! 

P.S. I have had SO much fun talking to new followers & discovering new AMAZING blogs today from all the Bargain Blonde traffic. It was truly an amazing opportunity and I am so excited about my new friends :) 


Amanda said...

I'm a new follower, and so excited to see that you make your son's food! I'm due with my first in September and plan to also make Baby's food. So, I'm counting on you!! JK!

Enjoying your blog

Marci @ a smile a day said...

Wwww you def deserve some rest tonight lady :) hopefully he's in a better mood tomorrow! I loveeeee kitchen aid! I have a blue/aqua-ish one & bake way more now that I have one. I'm def going to have to give these s'more cookies a try! Yummmm

Marci @ a smile a day said...

^ that was supposed to say "aawwwwww" lol

Jess said...

New follower and can't wait to read more about your journey through motherhood! I'm sure I will need it one day soon!

Danielle-Marie said...

Sounds just like my kids when they were teething. Hopefully next week is easier on you. Thanks, now I need S'more cookies too!

Lauren said...

Ah, girl, mine is now a few days shy of 1.5 and she sleeps with us every night. I have not, for the life of me, been able to move her to her crib permanently. I would love to... But apparently this is her version of hell? Her big girl bed comes tomorrow so I PRAY that works out better for us, it has to. I feel like I am exhausted every day because of it... Oi.

Sorry your little man had a screamer day, those are the worst! We're lucky to not have too many of those but it's a trade off because my child also takes after her father and does not sleep, like ever. Some days I wish she would have a screamer day and sleep a little more, is that super awful to say? Probably.

Hope today is better for you guys!!