A Day in Pictures

Jack's tooth is no longer "the boy who cried wolf" - he showed his dirty little demon face last night and this mama cried about it. Probably not normal behavior, but my little boy is a grown up baby with teeth and everything. I had my good natured Bubba back for a day filled with swimming and outside exploring. Please enjoy 908340983702985709143 pictures...

Jack now naps like this sometimes:
The whole "butt in the air" deal gets me EVERY time.

When he woke up it was time to go swimming.. BIG RED MARKS all down the right side of his face..
so sleepy.. (he loved swimming just as much as last week)

when we got home I couldn't find my keys so I plopped him in the grass on his diaper changing pad.
you can see that he actually has REALLY blonde hair in these pics and he's not a ginger.. his scalp just gets red. 

Then we took a blanket and toys outside and homeboy rolled around, army crawled, ate some leaves and grass. Basically he got REALLY dirty - just like a little boy should :)

Now we are all ready for the BIG game over here.. even my drooly monster baby..

Sparty On!


Princess Stephy said...

Awww so cute! I enjoyed

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

He is seriously the cutest baby ever! I love all the pictures! and I love your blog.