St. Patrick's Day Post

As you read this I am well on my way to Chicago

I've probably already cried 100 million tears after leaving this sweet dirty face for the first time for more than 12 hours..
I've also probably gotten at least 10 lectures already about not getting drunk and crying because I miss my baby/obsessively talking about my baby/showing pictures of my baby to anyone and everyone who will listen. These things are frowned upon by my husband.

I think that I have mentioned before that I am very Irish.. pretty much purebred 100% Irish to be exact. Therefore, St. Patty's Day has always been celebrated extra special in my life. When I was younger a leprechaun would leave green milk on our front porch. Yes, this is real. This same leprechaun will leave green milk for Jack and any and all siblings he may have in the future. My siblings and I would also receive gifts. Not like Christmas or Birthday gifts, but fun little presents that continued into adulthood..  I am told by other people that this is not a normal St. Patrick's Day tradition. My dad would walk around talking with an Irish accent all day and it all made for pretty wonderful childhood memories.

Then I went to college. I don't know if it is because MSU is a school that highly celebrates the abuse of alcohol, or if it is because our school worships the color green, but St. Patrick's Day is pretty much on the books as the BEST college holiday that there is in the town called East Lansing. The heavens always seem to shine down with the most unseasonably warm weather and whether it is a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.. anyone and everyone will begin their day bright and early with a shot or a beer or both. No worries if you have class. you either skip it or go drunk. Priorities. 

I fully participated in these shenanigans throughout college - and usually treated it like a three day celebration with frat parties and whatnot on St. Patty's eve. 

Basically you put on something green and get all pretty 

*Butterflies indicated pretty friends who I am too lazy to ask permission to put on the internet..

Then drink until you make embarrassing faces in pictures.

Well senior year ended up a little different than I had planned. Pretty much my roommates and I were all about senior year, it's the end of the best time of our lives, and we will go out with a bang and make everything the greatest ever and most fun ever even if it means going out every night and we all talk like Johnny Cash. Well this is all great. Until someone ends up pregnant (Yes, that's me!)

So for St. Patrick's Day everyone is all freaking out with happiness and joy, with their cute St. Patrick's Day outfits and their 8:30am shots and beers and I am pregnant, riddled with migraine's, and miserably sober. The weather was perfect, everyone everywhere was drunk and jolly. I had the worst headache of my life and just wanted to sleep the day away. Unfortunately the frat house kitty corner from my bedroom window felt it was necessary to blare rap music from concert quality speakers for the entirety of the day. I pretty much cried the whole day and hated my life. The only plus was that I actually went to class and earned some extra credit for being one of five people in class... such a nerd. 

I feel as though this Chicago trip is making up for the senior year St. Patty's that I never had. I will be blaring that "Young and Wild and Free" rap song that I hear on the radio all the time and sing even though it no longer applies to my life in any way, shape, or form. I have already mourned the fact that I won't see Bubba in his cute St. Patrick's Day outfit and that I won't be with him at his first parade. I think that a Guiness or 5 will most likely ease my pain. 

I am so excited to be reunited with friends and have a fun weekend with my husband. I am grateful to have parents that support our need to still act "young" and wild, and free (okay maybe they don't support those last two). Mostly I just hope to make it back alive and cannot wait to share lots and lots of stories! Pray for the safety of my iPhone, please!

In case you don't know what song I am talking about.. and I had to search an edited version because I had NO IDEA there were so many bad words/weed references..  

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Princess Stephy said...

Haha I love that song! And I'm all for celebrating st pattys day too! I've only celebrated twice but both times were AMAZING