Our Weekend.

When we were in D.C. I picked up this little old antique window that had been turned into a mirror at Eastern Market. 

John screwed hooks into the bottom of it and we hung it right by our door. It serves as a message board/key holder/shelf!

Normally I write little love notes to John or quotes on it with dry erase marker. 
On Friday I made a to-do list for our weekend:

-Oil Change
As you can see we crossed everything off :)

That sweet husband of mine took my car to get an oil change. 
(husbands are so good for that kind of thing!)

The landscapers FINALLY came and fixed up our front beds... so gardening became unnecessary!
Even though I still want to add a few flowers- it has now become a weekday "to-do".

We hit up the mall for some Crate & Barrel action, 
and exchanged a few of John's birthday gifts at Nordstrom Rack.

And relaxing?
We did A LOT of that! 

Between long walks up and down the little neighborhoods surrounding our downtown,
Evening drives with the windows down,
A couple OnDemand movies,
Dinner out with a flirting baby, 
Before bed story time, 
Sister visits and Auntie playtime ,
Church with a VERY wiggly 10 month old, 
and did I mention LOTS of relaxation?! 
I would say it was a VERY successful weekend :) 

Happy Monday friends!
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Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

I'm obsessed with that window mirror! Loooove it!

Also loving Jack's striped romper - is it a romper or onesie? Ben is just about to outgrow his that kind of looks like that, which I'm horribly sad about, and want to replace - but can't find one anywhere!

Christen said...

Love that mirror!

Allyson Butler said...

The mirror window is too cute!

Shannon said...

Your window mirror is beautiful!


Amanda said...

Hi Kay! I'm a new follower from Living in Yellow and just wanted to say hi! I love the mirror with your to-do list - that's great!

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