E's Bridal Shower

My Aunt Cooky hosted my sister's bridal shower at her old farm house. It's a gorgeous setting that has been used for a shower or two before... but this time she really out did herself! 

Between the magazine flowers, the antique tableclothes, & the tiny details - the shower was spectacular! 
Filled with family, friends, good food, & of course- presents!
Food & Drink Tables
Some of the magazine flower centerpieces!
The "seat of honor" & the presents table!
The bride! Cheers!
The bride & her aunties :)
Aunt Cooky giving a toast.
Cutey cousins
Everyone was asked to write marriage advice on paper that was on the tables. When Erin opened her gifts the advice was read and placed into a basket for her to keep!
Hostess with the most-ess!
The Matron & Maid of Honor
Opening presents.
The boys showed up at the end of the shower... Jack and Uncle Seany were sleepy from too much fun at the lake (and maybe too much tequila for the bigger baby in these pictures...)

It was a fabulous day in honor of a fabulous bride!! I am so excited for my sister and cannot wait for all the fun to come - 3 MORE MONTHS!!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

this is the first time I've seen magazine flower centerpieces ... Love. so very creative.

Britt said...

So cute. I love seeing parties right now since I'm planning my girls bday party in ONE MONTH. Ahh someone help me! :)

I love all the pictures and all three of you girls are gorgeous sisters!!!

Erin said...

YAY!!! These turned out well.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

LOVE your dress!!!!

Princess Stephy said...

That was really nice! Good luck for your sister!

Sami said...

What a gorgeous shower! Love that it was outside :) Plus your dress is adorable!

Allie said...

OMG LOVE IT ALL!!! You look adorable!