We Are A Family of Worms

Book worms that is!

Growing up, I learned to love reading from an early age!
I ALWAYS had a book (or three) that I was reading... 
It became a bit nerdy when in 5th grade I skipped recess to read in the library.

When I would get grounded? 
My parents would punish me from books too- 
Who cares about being sent to their room when they can escape in a book?

And you know what?
John is even NERDIER about reading.

Those weird "dragon books" (as I like to call them)-
You know, those sci-fi "fantasy" books that the nerdy kids in lizard t-shirts read in middle school?
Well, lizard t-shirt boy was (is) my husband... sans the t-shirt.

John loves reading as much as I do, and always has.
When my husband starts a book it's like he is dead to the world. 
He will stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to finish a book.

I'm okay with it, because I am the same way! 

One of my greatest wishes for Jack is that he inherits our love for books.
He is quite the wiggly worm... so reading to him is hard. 
We just recently have been able to hold his attention with books. 

It's really fun to re-read some of our favorite childhood books to him.
We point to the pictures and he points to random things on the page. 
He talks babbles while we read the words.
And usually by the end he has wiggled out of our lap and onto the floor.

I cannot wait to see what kinds of books he likes to read.
I can only hope he gets the slightly "cool" genes from his mama...
I don't think I could bring myself to buy him a shirt that has lizards on it.

Don't you just love John's,
"Kayla, if you don't stop taking pictures and distracting the baby I am going to kill you." 
face?! Yeah, me too :) 
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Christen said...

I loved to read and write so much (I was a fantasy addict, and still am, though I have branched out) that when I got grounded, I was grounded from books and notebooks... It was the only way to actually punish me!

Christen :>

Melissa said...

My husband and I are the same way, we absolutely love to read just about anything! He will give up sleeping, housework, just about anything if he's in the middle of a good book... I am similar but not to that extent lol.
<3 Melissa

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

love this - that was totally me when I was little and i'm sad that i've come a little bit out of it - as school started taking over my life and i found fun in things other than reading ... im determined this summer to get back into it :)


Gina said...

My bf is obsessed with books! We could build a skyskraper out of them! We both love reading obviously him more but we love to read to our daughter every night :) New follower


Rachel said...

Hey, I know about Ferdinand the bull...

Allyson Butler said...

I have always loved reading - these pictures are too sweet!

Sadie Dear said...

Haha, love that last picture! I tried to read to our son when he was younger, but his attention was not with it. Now, though, it is his favorite thing in the world to do! Matter of fact, I have has to put a limit on the number of books we read before bed. He knows now that Mommy will read 2- no more, so don't even try! LOL. If I'd let him get away with it, I'd be reading to him all night long.

Andie said...

we have a ton of books for Andrew and I find at their age (he's the same age as Jack) they like short books with lots of big pictures.

Some of Andrew's favorites are The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton, Any Eric Carle book, and stuff like that. Board books are super easy too, because when you are done reading it to him, you can hand it off to him and he can try to read it on his own without ripping the pages.

TJMaxx usually has lots of cute books for about $5 each for little ones! :)