Night "Off"

I love my husband.
And alllllll of you know I love my Bubba.

BUT (yes, there is a but) 
the craziness of a baby filled day can become mind-numbing, tiring, & downright draining at times. 

No, this is not a post that is me complaining about motherhood. 

I love that I have gotten to spend every day with Jack his first year of life.
I am SO blessed that my husband is hardworking enough for me to be at home. 

BUT (yes, I am getting back to the "but") 
It would be a lie if I didn't say I was counting down the minutes seconds 
until John walks through the door at the end of the day.

When John gets home it's like a church choir sings and I finally get a break some help!
Problem is, John is walking through the door after a hard & long day at work.
Guess who is also looking forward to some "relaxation" once he gets home?!

This was leading to some, ahem, problems. 
We both felt like we deserved to kick up our feet at the end of the day, 
but there are still THREE WHOLE HOURS before Bubba goes to sleep.
I swear the hours between 5 and 8 are the longest...

Solution you ask?! 
We each picked ONE night a week to be our night "off".

What does this entail?

Well when it's your "off" night. You get to lay on the couch & watch what you want on TV.
You don't have to make dinner and you DEFINITELY don't have to clean up. 
You don't have to make bottles, give Jack a bath, or chase after him before bed. 

This may seem kind of drastic. 
But honestly, it makes the other 5 nights of the week TEN TIMES better!

John and I are much more willing to be a team. 
It's easier to help one another when you know you get one night a week to breath. 
That one night is guilt free because you know the other has one too. 

I want to make John's night off relaxing because I know he will do the same for me in return. 
Honestly, things around here have been A LOT better since we started this new "routine". 
Sorry if I'm rambling, but I thought this was worth sharing. 
We are new at this parenting thing.
We are also new at this MARRIED thing. 

This is what is working for us right now.
And when I go to school in the fall?
It's all going to change again!

Mostly we are learning, time and time again-
Marriage, parenthood, relationships in general are all about flexibility & mutual respect.
Among other things of course...


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Britt said...

What a great idea. You and your husband seem SO MUCH like me and my hubby. We have the same feelings towards relaxing/etc so maybe we should try this :)

Andie said...

this is a great idea! I may have to bring it up to my husband as a way for each of us to have a quiet night to ourselves. we usually take turns with bath time/feedings, etc.

Megan said...

love this post and such a great idea!! we are new-ish parents and new-ish to marriage too so it can be hard. thanks for this post!

following you from the GFC Blog Hop!


Stephanie Jones said...

You two divised a GREAT plan!