Sunday Funday

It was a RARE (and only getting rarer as this summer starts up in full force!) weekend at home. 
Normally, when able to stay home we end up being really really LAZY!
This weekend we had that perfect combo of active yet relaxed. 

Saturday was spent running errands, grilling out, & actually watching both movies we rented.
We stayed up past MIDNIGHT.
I know, we are wild!

But Sunday was the true champion of our weekend.
We took a beautiful country drive to go to an art festival a few towns over.
It was pretty "weak" and not big enough to hold our attention for more than 45 min- 
but it was fun to be around people and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

We wound up on a deck on the water ordering burgers at a hidden away restaurant. 
The food and service were so-so, but the lake view was perfection.

It is actually really fun to go out to eat now that Bubba can sit in the provided high chairs.
It's actually, dare I say, EASY. 
He has completely made the transition from purees to finger foods (new section on that coming soon!)
So we order a fruit cup or chicken breast and let him munch away while we eat, drink, & enjoy!

We came home from lunch and all took a two hour nap. 
Then we blitz cleaned the house before the babysitter arrived (is that normal?).
We went to see Snow White & the Huntsman- 
I liked it, but John left unimpressed (SHOCK!)

Needless to say I was depressed when it was time to crawl into bed.
It was a perfect weekend with our family of 3!


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Sami said...

Sounds like a perfect little weekend to me! Cleaning before the babysitter comes is totally normal, my Mom used to make us clean up before the housekeeper came to clean haha. I loved Snow White I thought it was so good :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

sounds like a great 3 day weekend! & awe I cannot wait to see the transition from purees to finger foods! I am sure it will be a great post. looking forward to it :)

The Moseleys said...

That is awesome, what a great weekend!What did you think of snow white? I have heard mixed reviews about it.

elise said...

such a relaxed weekend! and you got to love a baby in overalls- adorable!