Grandma Toys

I remember being little, elementary age or so, and stumbling across a big box full of baby toys.

Some I remembered playing with, some I remembered my younger brother playing with.
My mom would pull out these toys when a younger cousin or friend came to visit. 

When I asked my mom why she kept all of our old baby toys she simply responded, 
"They're my Grandma toys".

I didn't really get it. 

But last Memorial Day weekend, we travelled back into storage.
My mom got out that big box full of baby toys and we hauled it into the lake house. 
After cleaning off the dust, we let Jack go to town. 

It's fun to see him play with our "old school" toys. 
He loves them!

That grandma, she's the best! 
Especially since she buys Bubba lots of NEW toys too...

Cue the "wooden cube of joy"
Mrs Stephanie T
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Britt said...

My favorite toys of the girls are the "older" ones... so much more fun I think!

Em S said...

Those are the best and can keep little fingers busy for a long time!

Heather said...

My favorite memory as a kid was playing with all the toys at my Great Grandparents & now seeing Jasper (my 3 year old) play with them just melts my heart!!!! Your little Man is such a cutie!! I'm a new follower from Little bits of Happiness!!! Happy Thursday!!

Lieke said...

my mom who became a grandma for the first time a month ago (my brother had his first child) also saved a lot of toys and all my Barbies and stuff so guess future grand children will be paying with them later on :)