Channeling My Inner Myspace Girl

Soooo, I'm sponsoring a few blogs this month.
And part of the "deal" is that I get to be featured at some point in the month. 
The thing about a feature is that it usually requires a picture of yourself.

I could very easily dive into the archives of Facebook,
find the most flattering picture of myself circa 2008
and fool you all into thinking I am 10 lbs thinner.
BUT - I would like to be honest :)

Here's the deal. I am the photographer in this family.
John does not take pictures. Ever. Unless I ask.
So any picture I have with my son are usually self taken via Instagram. 

I have a hard time taking the whole "self-portrait" thing seriously, so I usually end up making a face. 

Any other recent pictures of myself are usually taken as a joke.
Like this picture of my AWESOME sense of style. 

So when faced with this whole "feature post" picture dilemma,
I kindly asked my husband to take a picture of Jack and I together last weekend. 
Here's what he found to be acceptable before handing the camera back to me.


Hair: A mess.
Bubba: Not digging it.
Me: 10 million chins/not ready.
Thanks honey.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. 
It was time to get serious here. 
Channel my inner "myspace girl" and get on with it. 

You know "myspace girl" right?! 
I google imaged a few examples, just in case you were confused.

"Myspace girl" is SO good at taking pictures of herself and looking SUPER hot doing it.
Who wouldn't want to visit my blog after seeing a feature picture that looked THAT good?! 

So I opened up photobooth.. yeah you know the one.
And started "snapping away"...


Just a few warm up pictures.. you know.. to get into the groove. 
Seriously, this is the most ridiculous feeling. 

But I pushed through, and managed to do my most "natural" smile, with my chin tilted sightly downward and out for maximum skinniness..


My eyes may be a bit janky and the quality is poop. But whatever. I did it.
Make sure to look for these pictures live here & here some point this month.

Next time I think I'm just going to hire Allie
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Neely said...

HA! this post cracked me up!

Sami said...

Haha too funny! I do the same thing with my phone in the car trying to take my outfit pictures! I always think I look like a fool so I add the sunglasses to disguise it. So true about Myspace girls :)

Bon Bon said...

ahhhh. too good! Story of my life:-) xoxo

LMC said...

Haha, I love this! Laughing with you, not at you. You are so brave and I think they turned out cute! :)

Princess Stephy said...

Lol this is cute. Made me giggle. Cute pix tho - all of them

Anonymous said...

hi there!!! new to your blog & holy.crap i am dying over here! you are too funny and im sooo glad i stumbled onto this blog! cant wait to read more and by the way, you have the cuuutest fan damily.

His Little Lady said...

aw, yes! gotta love myspace! this post is hilarious! you are just too cute, girl!
xo TJ

Cajun Cowgirl said...

I'm a new follower (thanks to Allie's blog) so I am saying hi! And that I love this post. Too funny! Looks like you had a great time during nap time!

mommy is coocoo said...

Freakin' Hilarious!!! I am your newest followerer from the blog hop!!! I hope you have LOTS OF GREAT success today and have a great week!