Friday's Letters

Dear Relaxing Mornings, I love you. Dear Delicious Summer Meals, I love you too. Dear Earth's Best Teething Biscuits, I DO NOT LOVE YOU. We gave one of you to Bubba during  a walk and it was the messiest most disgusting situation to date. Dear Jack, you have been absolutely spoiled by your grandma this week. THREE new pairs of shoes! You're new little nikes are to die for. You look so grown up! Dear Husband, I am so excited to celebrate your birthday/father's day this weekend! I am so happy that you were born and feel so blessed to have you as my husband and the father to our baby :) 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend - 
I will be back on Monday with a re-cap on "The Weekend of John"
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Natalie said...

I got Max the Happy Times teething biscuits. They only go to grandma's now. I can't stand the mess!

I love his little shoes! I need to get Max some.

Lieke said...

Love those little Nikes!!! I gave my niece her first All Stars in pink! Could it be any cuter!!!!

MostWhatMatters said...

He is adorable and I know what you mean about those teething biscuits! Loved the letters. Check mine out if you get a chance!

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Oh the Nike's are adorable!! Happy birthday to your hubs!

Have a great weekend!

Danielle-Marie said...

I gave my kids Mums cookies during teething. They aren't nearly as messy and they come in a bunch of different flavours.

Holy wow, your husband's birthday weekend is also Father's Day weekend!? You must have been busy!